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Cat 5 Cabling

Cat 5 / 5E vs. Cat 6

Cat 5 Cabling will support 10 to 100BASE-T standards. Cat 5E is an "enhanced" version of Cat 5, that will run bi-directional, enabling Gigabit speeds. (1000BASE-T). Cat 5E has reduced crosstalk over Cat 5 as well, which can reduce transfer speeds. The cost of Cat 5E over Cat 5 is minimal, therfore it is the suggested media of choice, especially for new installations.

Cat 6 Cabling in a nutshell is often misconstrued. People think if they have a Cat 6 infrastructure, they can run gigabit speeds. This is possible, however every piece of your network must be gigabit rated, down to the network cards in your PC's. You must look at several things with your office environment. Cat 6 may be the media of choice if, for example, you are located in an area that has a great deal of interference from large equipment, power lines, etc. Cat 5E will run gigabit speeds, and is much more economical, so it is usually the cable to go with. If you are certain that all of your equipment is gigabit rated, and the amount of data being transmitted requires this type of performance, Cat 6 is your cable.

Cat 6 Cabling

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